The true dual purpose sheep of the Eastern Wheatbelt


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Mollerin Rock Dohne stud is situated 45 kilometres north east of Koorda on the east side of Mollerin Rock nature reserve and the south side of Mollerin Lake, hence our stud name.

We decided to go into Dohnes after we had to sell our whole Merino flock in 2002 after many years of breeding due to drought conditions. After a lot of research Dohnes seemed to be the best for our area and have proved to exceed each year since.

We live in a very challenging environment at times like most of our clients.


High Fertility

The Dohne is a highly fertile sheep with rams quite regularly used at 1% and still producing high lamb percentages.

The dohne ewe is a great mother and it is not uncommon for ewes to have twins or triplets.  Clients have recorded lambing percentages of 120% for June/July drop.

Rapid Growth

Lambs are usually quite small when first dropped but they get up and take off. In a good season lambs are quite often marketed at five months of age. Lambs respond really well under feed lot conditions and there never seems to be any tail as such.

Quality Wool

Dohne wool is categorized as Merino wool of 18-22 micron.  Dohne ewes produce 5-6 kg of high quality white wool.


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